Yo! I’m Ramon Casaus 😎 Professional real estate sales pro, business entrepreneur, visionary & thrill seeker! 

I’ve sold over 1,700+ homes in the last 6 years and successfully built + scaled real estate teams across the Southwest . My real estate sales team has locations in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and California! I am partnered with the Industry’s #1 real estate technology platform & community, PLACE. We produce the most PRODUCTIVE & PROFITABLE real estate agents & teams. My YouTube channel is to show you that you can do this too and HOW to do it from someone who really does this business.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak on some of the largest stages in the industry, collaborate with celebrities & coach literally thousands of agents to financial freedom! DM me on IG or submit an inquiry and I’ll help you out! 


ROC Real Estate Partners is a professional real estate brokerage serving buyers and sellers of residential and commercial properties in the Southwest, United States. ROC Real Estate Partners has offices located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Denver, Colorado, and Phoenix, Arizona.
The Sold in 7 Guaranteed program offers homeowners a unique and effective marketing strategy to sell their homes and secure a higher price within just 7 days. The program also provides hassle-free, as-is selling options with flexible timelines and all-cash offers.
Ramon and Tessabella present the House of Agents podcast! The real estate focused show that will undoubtedly teach you more than real estate school ever could. Our goal is to give you the tools, tips and insider strategies needed to beat the odds and truly succeed in the world of Real Estate!
There are so many things to focus on as a real estate agent, broker, or team lead – it can quickly become overwhelming. So we’ve rounded up people who are the best in the industry in different areas – marketing, negotiating, building a team, and more – to share their tactics on BAM.